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The Honorable Kathleen O'Connor Endorse Maggie Yates — The Honorable Kathleen O'Connor
Retired Superior Court Judge

— Bill Butler
President of WEB Properties Inc. and former Board Chair of S3R3

— WFSE Local 1221

— Boilermakers 242

Maryann Moreno Endorses Maggie Yates — The Honorable Maryann Moreno
Retired Superior Court Judge

— Stephanie Olsen
Former Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor

— Tara Carter
Former County Commissioner Candidate (I) 2022

John Roskelley Endorses Maggie Yates — John Roskelley
Former Spokane County Commissioner

— Davin Perry
Airway Heights City Council Member

This is the best chance we have of getting rid of one of the Spokane's most politically good ole boys who has dominated Spokane City and County politics for far too long representing the development and real estate businesses. We feel Maggie would be an excellent County Commissioner who would be responsive to her constituents. — Jeanne and Jeff Corkill
Retired community members

— Lisa Brown
Former State Legislator

— Teamsters Joint Council 28 & Teamsters Locals

Young Democrats of Washington Endorse Maggie Yates — Young Democrats Of Washington

— Breean Beggs
Spokane City Council President

— Don Harmon
Former 2022 County Commissioner Candidate (R), Former Airway Heights Mayor

Kodi Gaddis endorses Maggie Yates — Kodi Gaddis

It's time for the next generation to take the reigns and Maggie has the abilities needed for making unbiased decisions. I'm pleased to endorse her! — Diane Wear
LCHS retiree, former Pend Oreille Co Commissioner Commissioner

Although I don't personally know Maggie Yates, Myself, and many residence in our neighborhood are unhappy, and dissatisfied, with the representation that we've received from Al French. On top of already high cost of water consumption, we're forced to pay an additional fee of $27.35 per month as a water service fee for living outside of the city limits. Amazon isn't required to pay this fee. We held a meeting in October and addressed this concern with Al French, but he said that he would only get involved if we dropped a lawsuit against the county regarding a separate matter. We obviously feel under represented and believe that Maggie Yates will, at the very least, address the fairness of this, and represent us like she promises that she will — Michael Morris
Community Member

— Mrs. Robin Knight
Retired Teacher

Maggie will be a great County Commissioner! I was elected twice as a School Board member in Olympia and i know how important it is for all elected officials to collaborate and Maggie is committed to doing that in Spokane. — Allen Miller
Attorney Of Counsel

Excited for new leadership in our County and Maggie Yates seems like the ideal person to bring it. — Teresa Overhauser
Councilmember, City of Cheney

— The Spokane Tribe of Indians

Kurtis Robinson Endorses Maggie Yates — Kurtis Robinson
Community Leader

— Marcus Riccelli
Representative for the 3rd Legislative District

I have known of Maggie since she was in high school, and expect her to be collaborative and thoughtful, and to govern with the health and welfare of all citizens in mind. — Robert Douthitt

— Candace Mumm
Former Spokane City Council Member

— Women's Political Caucus of Washington

Maggie will bring the needed vision, experience and collaborative leadership skills to move Spokane County forward to better serve all residents and address the multiple economic, public health, public safety, environmental and equity issues that must be addressed. I'm grateful and excited to vote for her as my District 5 County Commissioner. — Sheila Masteller
Retired Health Care Executive

We need Maggie for her intelligence, commitment and integrity! — Mary Ann Murphy
Retired children's advocate/health care administrator

— 3rd Legislative District Democrats

I have known and worked with Maggie Yates in her role as lawyer and leader in Spokane criminal justice reform efforts. As the Spokane County Regional Law and Justice Administrator for three years, she improved public safety outcomes and cut costs for tax payers. If elected, I know she would work to effectively use tax dollars for the public good. To develop infrastucture to keep up with rapid residential and industrial growth. To work on the quality and quantity of water supply. She is a team player and that is why I will vote for and support Maggie Yates on November 8 general election. — George Taylor

— Spokane Firefighters Union

— Win With Women

Maggie will make a great Commissioner, listening to all people and looking ahead on development. — Cathy Gunderson

— Northeastern Washington - Northern Idaho Building & Construction Trades Council

— Machinists District 751

— Spokane County Democrats

— Washington Conservation Voters

I'm excited to have Maggie as an alternative to the same old faces that have governed Spokane County for the three decades my family and I have lived here! — Paul Lindholdt

It's time for new leadership in Spokane County. Maggie has fresh ideas, creative solutions, and proven results for issues facing our region — Lori Kinnear
Spokane City Council Member

Having known Maggie since she was a student I know she’ll fulfill our need for positive change. It’s time!! — Stephen Berdr

Maggie Yates will restore integrity to the Board of County Commissioners. I enthusiastically endorse her! — Bonnie Mager
Former Spokane County Commissioner

Maggie Yates is one of the best things that was, is, will happen to Spokane County. — Ron Baer
Lucy Lennox
Mental Health Counselor and District 5 Resident
Jack & Tana Tenold
Mortgage Broker
Ron & Debbie Reed
Community Members
Michael Flannery
Community Member
Linda Stone
Community Member
David & Lisa Stagaman
Community Members
Deb Harper
Retired M.D.
Sally Winkle
Retired Community Member
Linda Greene
Retired Community Member
Pam Kohlmeier
Jim & Andy Castrolang
Thrive International Spokane
Margaret Rowland
Retired Community Member
Jean Larson
Community Member
Ben Stuckart
Former Spokane City Council President
Zack Zappone
Spokane City Council Member
Nikki Lockwood
School Board Vice President
Ed Byrnes
6th Legislative District Democrats
Sheri Barnard
Former City of Spokane Mayor Barnard

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