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Spokesman LTE In support of Maggie From July 5th

Recently A supporter of Maggie wrote an LTE in the Spokesman Review. Read it here:

"Maggie Yates is running for Spokane County Commissioner against Al French in the 5th District. Under our current County Commissioner leadership, our unsheltered homeless population has grown by 50% over the past two years according to the latest point-in-time count. The burden of

homelessness falls on our businesses, neighborhoods and cities across our county. The County Commissioners have dodged this problem like our winter pot holes. That’s not leadership, that’s laziness. Some believe that homeless people are simply lazy.

I’ve lived in Cheney for 19 years. I’ve never missed a rental payment. I’ve served the area as a church pastor and prison chaplain. Yet in April, I was forced to leave my apartment of nine years by new owners. I was given 22 days to find an apartment in the Cheney market where there were literally none listed except for college students. I was homeless for two weeks and might still be were it not for the amazing kindness of dear friends. Unfortunately not many people have the resources I have. They desperately need our help.

As the Spokane County Regional Law and Justice Administrator, Maggie demonstrated her ability to tackle our most difficult problems and do it in a manner that is effective and inclusive. She knows firsthand how our County Government functions and will work to make it serve everyone. She will bring her experience, youthful energy and proven leadership skills to help ease our homelessness crisis."

- Ron Baer, Cheney

View the letter in the Spokesman Review here

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