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Maggie Yates' new vision

Recently a supporter of Maggie teamed up to wrote an LTE in the Spokesman Review. Read it here:

"Al French started his political career in 2001 when I was 11. I’m 32 years old now and while I have chosen to make my future in Spokane, I know that Al French does not represent what our county can achieve and deserves. His ideas are stale and outdated for our current moment of civic strife, persistent inequities and rising costs. We need a new vision for Spokane County. We need public servants who will work on the community issues that will determine our next 20 years: sustainability, community safety and economic opportunity. It is critical my generation recognize the opportunity we have to shape our future in November’s local election.

Maggie Yates brings fresh leadership, hard-earned experience and a vision for a future in Spokane County where all our families can thrive. Maggie is here for the community. Not only has Maggie been an active participant in the betterment of our community for years, but I can attest to her courage and integrity and know she is the right person for this role. I have known Maggie and her family since moving to Spokane in 2000. Maggie is committed to making decisions that support healthy families, promote government accountability and transparency, restore trust, expand economic opportunity, embrace sustainable growth and ensure an equitable and healthy future for Spokane County!

I am confident that Maggie will represent us well. Join me this November in casting a ballot for a brighter future. Vote Maggie Yates for County Commissioner, District 5!"

- Jeremy Taylor, Spokane

View the letter in the Spokesman Review here

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