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As your County Commissioner, Maggie will steward our resources wisely, make our community safer and bring long overdue accountability back to county government. The choice is clear this election: elect a public servant with integrity, or re-elect a politician.

Your Choices for County Commissioner

Taxes & Spending

Al French broke his promise to “shrink government”. Al French promised voters that he would shrink the cost government when he first ran for county commissioner in 2010. Al French increased county government spending while raising property taxes.2,3

Al French has spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on frivolous losing lawsuits. Al French paid legal bills challenging the ability of voters in his own district to hold him accountable in a general election. He lost that lawsuit unanimously. 4

Al French spent tax dollars fighting against the State of Washington’s Growth Management Act while permitting 640 new houses even though the projects would have never been permitted due to their illegal land use decision.5 His legal effort failed. 

Al French spent over $900,000 dollars from taxpayers suing the Spokane Tribe for an economic development project that created hundreds of jobs on the West Plains.6 French lost that lawsuit but not after billing taxpayers for high-priced attorneys at $685 an hour.7

Public Safety

Al French continues to invest in a failed criminal justice policy that results in a staggering 50% readmission rate to jail. Al French has voted to cut the number of sheriff deputies multiple times8 while county commissioner. Al French even tried to use an illegal land use process to allow cuts to the public safety level-of-service to unincorporated Spokane County residents.9


At the height of the pandemic, when families needed local leadership the most, Al French missed nearly half of all health board meetings. Al French “led the effort” to terminate the Spokane County Health Officer in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.10,11,12 Al French removed Airway Heights, Cheney, Medical Lake, and Spokane residents from having a local elected representative on the health district board. 13 Al French even actively kept medical doctors from being added to the health district board. 14


  9. Resolution 2014-0004

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