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I was born and raised right here in Spokane, surrounded by love from friends and family. I spent my childhood exploring Finch Arboretum. I played soccer starting at the age of 6 on fields across the County. I developed a deep appreciation for religious traditions while attending services at Temple Beth Shalom.  I attended Balboa and Jefferson Elementary Schools, Sacajawea Middle School, and Lewis and Clark High School.  Although I felt safe with my needs met throughout my childhood, I recognized early on that Spokane’s most valuable resources aren’t always readily available to everyone. This realization fueled my passion to solve problems, do justice, and serve my community.

I’m running for District 5 County Commissioner because I believe that Spokane’s County government can work better for all of us.  Serving as the Spokane County Regional Law & Justice Administrator, I witnessed firsthand the importance of County government – not just for its role in ensuring a fair, efficient, and equitable justice system - but for all the ways in which local government has the potential to immediately and significantly improve the quality of life for Spokane residents.  I went to law school precisely to learn how officials, civic leaders, and business leaders can work together to craft public policies that create healthy and resilient communities. Since moving back to Spokane in 2018, I have established a strong track record of obtaining results by working with experts and the community to come up with research-based, data-informed solutions that have saved the County money. I am dedicated to this community.  My husband and I plan to raise a family here, and I am excited to contribute to an even better Spokane for the next generation.

I am committed to serving as a strong, independent voice for transparent and accessible government, and most importantly, working with you to create a future where all can prosper. We deserve a hometown where everyone – no matter their zip code, connections, or income level—can enjoy affordable housing, safe and livable neighborhoods, meaningful education and training, recreational venues, green space, and economic opportunity. By working together, I know this vision for Spokane is within our grasp.

We Can Build a Safe and Vibrant Spokane County

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Maggie Yates for County Commissioner - D


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