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As your County Commissioner, Maggie will always be an advocate for families. She will champion overdue investments in childcare access, strengthen public health programs that improve the health of our community, and always stand up for the fundamental right of all to seek medical care including reproductive care. The choice is clear this election: elect a public servant with integrity, or re-elect a politician.

Your Choices for  County Commissioner

Reproductive Rights

Al French wants to repeal our State’s Reproductive Privacy Act which guarantees reproductive services for women, including victims of rape & incest.1 He doesn’t believe that County government has a role in protecting healthcare workers – from physicians to health technicians – who provide important reproductive care to our residents.2

Access to Childcare

Al French refuses to respond to parents who seek reasonable investments to improve access to childcare despite more than 15 of the County’s providers closing in the last two years.3

Life-Saving Health Services

As a member of the Spokane County Board of Health, Al French oversaw the elimination of the Breast, Cervical and Colon Health Program which provides life-saving screening to patients in our community.4



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