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Maggie is Committed To

Making Neighborhoods Safer

Maggie knows how to make our community safer. As the Spokane County Regional Law & Justice Administrator, she improved public safety and cut costs for taxpayers. As your County Commissioner, Maggie will tackle crime and reduce repeated arrests through upstream investments in housing, economic opportunity, and behavioral health, coupled with improved infrastructure to drive down property crime and in violence disruption and prevention programs.

Building the Basics for Healthy Families

Healthy families equal healthy communities. That's why Maggie supports overdue investments in clean water, broadband access, behavioral health treatment, and high-quality affordable childcare. Ten percent of childcare providers closed during the pandemic, forcing families to choose whether to stay in the workforce or leave to care for their children. Maggie will support children and families by investing in affordable, quality childcare, so our youth can thrive and families can pursue economic opportunity. 

Holding Government Accountable & Improving Transparency and Responsiveness

Maggie knows that government transparency, accountability, and responsiveness are critical to the system's integrity and function. Residents expect their commissioner to show up to work – to follow through on the commitments they make and work every day to improve the lives of all in the community. Maggie has a record of effective collaboration with business, non-profits, citizen groups, and impacted families. She believes our Spokane County government works best when all voices are heard and elected leaders listen.

There has been a devastating loss of trust in public institutions during the pandemic.  Once elected, Maggie will pursue restructuring the Board of Health to reflect the spirit of State law, which means including representation from cities across the County, as well as physicians and nurses. Unlike Al French who missed nearly 50% of Board of Health meetings during the pandemic, Maggie will work every day to ensure our community is healthy.

Leveraging American Rescue Plan Dollars so Everyone Can Thrive

The County is the recipient of over $100 million federal dollars to help the community recover from COVID-19. This is your money! Maggie will make sure that these funds are invested transparently and responsibly so everyone in the community can thrive. Ideas championed by residents for such investments include supporting childcare, children’s mental health, continuing rental assistance, developing a program for first-time home buyers, and expanding eligibility criteria for the senior citizen property tax exemption.

Expanding Economic Opportunity & Planning for the Future

Maggie is a champion for attainable housing, high quality jobs, and homegrown small businesses. She will pursue community benefits agreements that demand developers take account of impacts to traffic, schools, and our environment, while all residents share in the benefits of growth. Additionally, Maggie will build the region’s next-generation workforce by working productively with labor partners, expanding apprenticeship programs and utilization of public works, and enforcing responsible bidder protections.

Ensuring a Healthy Future for Spokane County

Maggie will ensure that the County is prepared to respond to and mitigate the impacts of climate change and extreme weather by appointing a sustainability manager to guide policy necessary for a resilient region with protected public spaces and natural resources. Maggie will also invest in communities disproportionately impacted by extreme weather and relevant health risks by pursuing state and local funds to plant additional vegetation, establish accessible cooling shelters, and provide air conditioning and filtration systems to low and fixed-income residents.

Embracing Safe and Sustainable Growth

Maggie embraces the region’s growth and will plan for it with an unwavering commitment to public safety and the preservation of our quality of life.  Unfortunately, areas across District 5, from the US 195 Corridor to Indian Trail, suffer from inadequate and unsafe infrastructure and services due to a decade of poor planning under Al French. Maggie will work collaboratively with property owners, planners, builders, and neighborhoods to ensure everyone has a safe and vibrant place to live.

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Centering Equity in Policy Making

All Spokane residents deserve access to the resources necessary to thrive, regardless of where they were born, how much money they have, what they look like, or who they love. Maggie will center equity at the outset of policymaking in order to ensure that policy prioritizes equitable outcomes, instead of just reacting to emerging disparities. She will work closely with impacted individuals and communities when identifying challenges and designing solutions, expand data analytics to better identify where disparities emerge, and apply an equity impact assessment, which helps policymakers ask and answer questions at the earliest stages of planning to make sure equitable outcomes are built into the project or program.

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